Technology Governance in a time of crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted a two-fold observation: on the one hand, our technological lead did not prevent us from being hit hard by the scourge. On the other hand, political decision-makers, business leaders and citizens spontaneously turned to technology to find solutions to the crisis. Salvage reflex or solutionism?

While business was largely suspended, telework and the digital economy played a key role. But the use of technology in the fight against the epidemic raised many questions. Difficulties encountered in the implementation of contact tracing applications, connected objects checking social distancing or self-diagnostic devices are just one example. Social acceptance and assiduous use of these tools are necessary for their effectiveness, but many are reluctant to use them.

What if the key to success lies in a renewed relationship with technology and its governance? The Human Technology Foundation wants to propose innovative solutions. To this end, we have brought together a large group of international experts: 45 technicians, lawyers and ethicists from 13 different countries have worked together to develop a method. It allows us to select a technology that meets identified needs, to deploy it and to ensure its governance in a participatory manner. Its objective: to win the support of empowered users.

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