Development and governance of technology-based solutions for a health crisis exit strategy

The coronavirus projected all decision-makers on sharp ridgelines. The fierce debates on tracing apps and the use of data illustrate the delicate trade-offs to be made in terms of efficiency, privacy and social acceptability, but also digital sovereignty, in order to secure populations and economies as quickly as possible. The covid19 reaches us in a world that is much more digitalized than it was during previous pandemics, and less so than it will be in the next ones. It is one of our assets. But any solution will carry its share of risk, which must be minimized and then managed within the overall ethical framework that we want for our society. This situation invites us to accelerate the implementation of new modes of governance of algorithmic devices and data, especially in the field of health, both nationally and internationally. This is the spirit of this forum co-signed with Eric Salobir in Le Figaro, and one of the works we are carrying out with the Human Technology Foundation and its partners.


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