"Does the tech world play God?" BFMTV

09 avril 2018 - Paris - BFMTV

TV Show "Les décodeurs de l'éco" with Eric Salobir

At a time when artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data are booming, who really knows the consequences these new technologies will have? Indeed, nobody is able to predict the negative impacts of all innovations constantly taking place in technology. Yet all these advances, real vectors of progress, are about to revolutionize the economy, society, and even humans. Moreover, the major players in the sector are mobilizing to complete this formidable project, which is beginning to worry some. As a matter of fact, aren't these giants of technology, by dint of wanting to change and control everything, playing God? With: Eric Salobir, President of Optic Technology. Olivier Derrien, Managing Director France, Salesforce. Nicolas Bouzou, economist, founder of the firm Astéres. And Matthieu Courtecuisse, founding president of Sia Partners. Les Décodeurs de l'éco, Monday 9 April 2018, presented by Fabrice Lundy, on BFM Business.

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