Vatican Hack 2018 - Results

March 11th 2018 - Vatican

Winners of the hackathon at the Vatican

VHacks winners announced on March 11, 2018 at the Vatican City.

The winners of the first-ever hackathon at The Vatican, VHacks, organized by OPTIC, and students from Harvard and MIT, were announced on March 11th, 2018.

The top 3 teams for each theme: Social Inclusion, Interfaith Dialogue, and Migrants & Refugees, were:

Social Inclusion

  • Winner: Co.unity
    • Co-Unity builds stronger ties with the homeless in each community by creating a local crowdfunded job board to enrich vocational experiences and develop trust.
      • Alan Liu
      • Margaret Thomann
      • Marcin Wisniowski
      • Tiffany Chen
      • Adam Hirst
  • Runner-Up: Zelixa
    • Zelixa is a Microsoft Hololens app that helps dyslexic people train themselves to read better over time. It uses the technique of focus points, typefaces, and colors, to help those with dyslexia focus on the correct portions of words.
      • Pranav Gulati
      • Robert Ihnatisin
      • Lorenzo Bellucci
      • Carra Wu
      • Selynna Sun
  • Third Place: Xperience
    • Xperience brings together people who are often excluded from experiencing the world (due to some form of disability), and people who are willing to share their experiences. Individuals who sign up as “guides” on the app provide real-time, live tours of their local locations via stream to those viewing through the app.
      • Myra Deng
      • Perttu Lähteenlahti
      • Johannes Bernhard Goslar
      • Vivian Shen
      • Elmar van Rijnswou

Interfaith Dialogue

  • Winner: Duo Collegare
    • Duo Collegare provides a platform to connect organizations and volunteers to inspire action, rather than just dialogue. From homelessness to natural disasters to mental health, we enable people to connect with one another, regardless of religious affiliation.
      • Francis Duah
      • Alexander (Sasha) Ivanov
      • Sharon Wang
      • Arkady (Eric) Eidelberg
      • Raza Qazi
    • **Duo Collegare was also the winner of the La Croix Prize
  • Runner-Up: Faithstrings
    • Faithstrings is a web virtual reality application integrated with a moderated interfaith dialog community that allow people to enter and experience the world of various religions. The immersive experience provided by VR and extended dialogue will evoke fascinating empathy as well as encourage deeper understanding regardless of geographical distances and different faiths
      • Vy Bui
      • Emma Flanagan
      • LeQuan Clinton
      • Van Lam
      • Michael Monaghan
    • ** Also the winner of the Best Use of Salesforce Technologies Award
  • Third Place: pluralize
    • Pluralize is a Chrome extension and accompanying analytics platform that helps people become aware of the religions most prevalent in their social vicinity and suggest ways to help them learn about other faiths.
      • Erica Yarmol-Matusiak
      • Miruna Tecusanu
      • William Long
      • Chak Man Andrew Yip
      • Nicole Valencia

Migrants & Refugees

  • Winner: Credit/Ability
    • Credit/Ability is a "credibility" scoring application that provides a refugee a way to collate their history and demonstrate their reliability in employment leasing to gain easier access to services like housing.
      • Jake Glass
      • Roisin McLaughlin
      • Yanchen Wang
      • Lucy Obus
      • Rushika Shekar
  • Runner-Up: Sajal
    • Sajal is a healthcare application that gives verified doctors the ability to scan unique QR codes generated for and connected to migrants and refugees in order to bring up patients' medical history and any chronic illnesses or allergies they are known to have.
      • Jessy Lin
      • Samuel Sungil Kim
      • Juliet Wanyiri
      • Neil Gokhlay
      • Claire Traweek
  • Third Place: Vinculum
    • Every year, tens of thousands of migrants and refugees lose one another in the process of relocation: Vinculum is a web-app that leverages machine learning to reunite loved ones through the upload of a single photo and advanced face-recognition technology.
      • Ethan Wright
      • Shiri Heffetz
      • John Franklin
      • Pranav Gokhale
      • Rachana Lingutla
      • Mustafa Jamal
    • * *Vinculum was also the winner of the Audience Choice Award

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