Medic OPTIC Day

June, 25 2016 - Paris. Medicine is one of the sectors most deeply affected by digital technology. The acceleration of the progress

in particular regarding the subject of diagnostic and pronostic and therapeutical activities strongly modifies the whole role of the physicians. The health system is called to evolve and even the concept of cure needs redefining. Amidst these transformations, physicians must adapt to new realities. The MEDIC OPTIC DAY held on June, 25th 2016, dealt with the evolution of the area of interest, the role and the mission of the physician facing changes in the nature of the cure. Physicians, philosophers, industrials, roboticists, insurers, legals have discussed with the participants about the issues raised by the revolution of physical prognostic in the digital era, social skills in the relationship towards the patient, ethics and economincs related concerns of the health information, and also responsability in the usage of surgical robotics.