GoodMakr is a business accelerator specialised in supporting innovative projects with a positive impact on society. It is based on ethical development models.

Innovation is somehow destined to change the world, and to change it into better. Launching an innovative project is an exciting and very demanding adventure. We strongly believe in this kind of support. Furthermore, we believe its success is closely related to its ability to be a real advantage to its users and change their life and transform society.

The positive impact of a project may derive from the commitment of the product or the service offered with the needs of society. This must, indeed, be clear in its implementation. We therefore choose to carry out, within this new incubator, projects which, throughout their development, are based on virtuous entrepreneurial practices, guaranteeing their sustainability and positive impact.

When it comes to the phase of development and long term sustainability, any new project has specific needs. Such peculiar needs may significantly differ from the routine usually undertaken by an established company. Regardless of it being a startup, intrapreneurship or the digital transformation of an existing structure, it’s important to remember that innovative projects are often keen to break established codes and to keep doing it, until they find their most suitable business model.

"GoodMakr has this ambition: to support innovation for a better world."

This is why it is necessary to create an environment which welcomes development of ethical projects and supports creative positions in their convictions with sense of reality and commitment.