Vatican Hack 2018

March 8th - 11th 2018 - Vatican

A hackathon at the Vatican

VHacks is a 36-hour collaborative event taking place from March 8 to March 11, 2018 at the Vatican City.

The first-ever hackathon at The VaticanVHacks, is organized by OPTIC, and students from Harvard and MIT.

VHacks will target important global issues, including social inclusion, interfaith dialogue, and the migrant & refugee crisis.

Specifically, the mission of VHacks is to:
- Leverage technology to address current global problems centered on hackathon themes.
- Encourage value-based institutions to embrace technology to further their missions.
- Promote collaboration among youth leaders across diverse academic, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

2018 Hackathon themes focus on 3 key issues:
Social Inclusion: Encourage solidarity by restoring human-centric thinking and values in our increasingly digital world.
- Interfaith Dialogue: Support open communication between individuals and organizations representing differing faiths to create mutual understanding and constructive cooperation.
Migrants & Refugees: Strengthen, support, and mobilize resources for migrants and refugees to assist them with relocation and integration.

 The capstone to the event will include two panels exploring the intersection of human values and technology and the implications of technological advancement on human development.

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