June 12, 2017 - Issue of the Episcopate Document "Church in network in the digital age"

The digital culture has radically changed both the way we express ourselves and the way we deal with information. It is in facts so deeply based on the model of networks to be able to offer an audience to every single internet user. The logical consequence of such a system is a certain tendency towards the abuse of announcing one's own opinion, both in the Catholic Church and in the society. Before such a wide public opinion, everyone can dream of themselves as a whole media, broadcasting their own opinions.

This redundancy, whose records and statutes are sometimes confused, is at the same time a formidable opportunity and a challenge for the mission, the communion and the government of the Church.

In the era of what some call the "post-truth society", how can we take advantage of the abundance of the available initiatives, although they sometimes stand a long way from the institution? How can different voices be put together in order to align the vitality of the Word with the "virality" of the Digital media, putting the latter at the service of the former?

Moreover, what if the Church, an institution with a centuries old tradition, not only tried to be available on the networks, but also considered itself to be a network, whose sole purpose was to make the Truth popular?

OPTIC invited actors of "The Church Online" platform to initiate together the reflection, this text is the result of. Everyone, at the end of their reading, is invited to participate.

Presentation of the document (in French) by Mgr Norbert Turini, Bishop of Perpignan, President of the Council for communication at the Episcopal Conference of France.
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